Discover how you can have a chlorine-free swimming pool or spa pool with our great range of pool ionising products.

We have a wide range of ionisers for every use and deliver New Zealand-wide. Get your family out of toxic chemicals AND save our planet from chemical or chloride backwash. With chemical maintenance of your pool, the mere bleaching of hair, drying out of the skin and the burning of the eyes should alert you to the health and environmental risks associated with chemical treatment of water. A salt chlorine generator will give you the unhealthy sodium as well as the chloride.

Our 100% CHLORINE-FREE POOL System provides you with a chlorine-free alternative for water treatment today. Why expose your family and friends to the known risks of cancer-causing agents?

Introducing ECOsmarte®

ECOsmarte® is the world’s leading rainwater treatment developer.

Manufacturer of the best non-salt, non-chemical water technology for whole house, swimming pool and spa, and numerous applications for commercial water. ECOsmarte’s natural oxygen and ionic copper systems have root technology from NASA and have been installed in all 50 U.S. States and over 100 Countries since 1994. ECOsmarte offer a non-salt softening and treatment system that gives you premium water that is safe and sustainable for people and the planet.

See how other families enjoy the benefits of a chlorine-free pool:


ECOsmarte® products are USA made with New Zealand backup and spare parts. Visit the Ecosmarte website for more information.


Buy with confidence – We offer 30 day money back guarantee on all products.

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